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Torch Relay

To-day was the turn of North Vancouver to be part of the Olympic Torch Relay. I had stopped to pick up a few things at our local shopping center mid-morning, to find it had been taken over for the next two weeks by the Olympics and is now the “Valleyfest” for the North Shore. I haven’t a clue how we are to grocery shop in these weeks, the vast majority of the parking is now a stage and various amenities, I am sure we will work around it.

On route to the center, the torch would pass very close to where I live about five minutes down in fact, so off I went, to find a lot of other people had the same idea, including the local elementary school.

From what I hear the route has been lined with flag wearing folk, wearing red mittens the whole way, it was a great feeling. The picture was taken about ninety minutes ago.

I was in downtown Vancouver early this morning and the atmosphere is electric. It was the same ninety minutes ago when that torch passed by. This from one, who really wasn’t all that positive about the whole idea of having the Olympics here in the first place…..I am getting in the spirit!!

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