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A friend sent me this link.... We had been talking about the proposed law.

The fact that Nicholas Kristof is part of the interview had me watching. His blog in The New York Times.... is one I check each day, and his book "Half The Sky" has been top of my Christmas list for several months.

I have friends who have lived, or who do live, and work in, not just Uganda, but other neighbouring countries. A number of them are gay. Some have already left, others refuse to do so.

I am sure there are many people more eloquent than I, speaking out against this proposed law. I just can't shake the feeling, that this is a runaway train with a very precious load, about to crash with grave consequences, while we sit and watch.

I urge you to contact your M.P's your government, do anything, which will encourage the people in power, to speak out against what is surely, genocide in the making!

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