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Rainy Day and Speed

It is one of those days when the rain never stops, the cloud cover is so low, I could forget we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, and twilight starts early in the morning.
I was across town to get some injections into my wrists. (I have a condition called De Quervain’s and am staving off more surgery, the injections are my compromise!!)

Driving back, I am in no particular hurry, there is little point as traffic is always busy and my dream of racing cars is now a distant memory!

A stop light and next to me is the young boy-racer, car engine revving, stereo blazing, and cell phone at his ear. I spare a thought for his mother…I have been there. He takes off in the usual fashion, I cruise along behind. We cross paths a few times on the way to the bridge, his roof rack tells me he is heading for one of the mountains to snowboard and obviously keen to get there.

Due to the traffic, he never really gets ahead of me though he does try. I leave him at my turn-off as he roars past. I hope he gets there safely. I remember driving in a similar manner; I know my son went through the same stage.

On the evening news, it is reported a young man was seriously injured in a car accident, further up that highway; speed was a factor….I don’t know if it was him or not. I understand liking the sensation of speed; I am not that far gone, I don’t remember it. But oh! dear Lord, the consequences can be so very devastating; the cost to many so very high.

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