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Recipe Month

I was taught that to make shortbread, your hands and the warmth from them, were the only utensils necessary. It does make a difference; I do use a cutter for shaping.

Scottish Shortbread.

Temp. 310 degrees F
Baking Time 20—25 minutes.

5 ½ Cups Flour
½ Cup Corn Starch
½ Cup Icing Sugar
1 ½ Cups Berry Sugar
3 Cups Butter

Sift Flour, Corn Starch, Icing Sugar and Berry Sugar together, add Butter and mix until like coarse breadcrumbs. Shape into a ball (enough mixture to fit in your hand) and press on a floured surface, to about 1/2 “thickness, cut into the shapes you want. Use a fork to prong little holes on the top and bake on a greased tray. After baking sprinkle a little Berry Sugar on the top and cool before putting away.

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