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A Little Laugh

I decided a little laugh was better than the hysterical one that is threatening to burst forth!

Three weeks down and I still do not have a kitchen. Over the years we have dome countless renovation projects: four of us packed into one bedroom, no bathroom, no inside stairs, some of these lasted for months. On the whole I cope very well but this time.....what can I say, it will happen soon, I hope!

I have not been getting comment notifications since last Thursday and no communication from lj despite several emails. I hope I have not neglected to respond to anything, please let me know if I have.

For those of you who have received some unfinished comments from me, I am having a few problems with this laptop, hopefully Windows 7, when installed will fix most of them.

Now for at least a little laugh. I don't watch many commercials. I tend to record on the PVR and zoom through. These two however I found good. The Danish one my sister sent.

I have been enjoying all the recipes and as soon as I find mime!! I will contribute:))

This little guy would make a good icon.

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