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Requiescat in pace

To-day it was necessary to bid farewell to a very dear laptop.
I did not of course have everything backed up!!!

I have known for sometime that its days were numbered and had been thinking of changing to a Mac. my daughter loves the one she has.

In the end I went to my local computer store, they have come to know me really well as "the lady who knows absolutely nothing about this machine, which has become an integral part of her life"!! I came out poorer, but with the promise of a spanking new "Asus K501J-C1 Notebook" with all I did not back-up, mirrored over, ready for me in two days. Dear Lord I do hope they don't actually open any of the stuff they mirror over!!

Meanwhile I am attempting to re-acquaint myself with our verrrry old desktop. Chances are I will miss some mail and posts etc. Sorry ahead of time for that. christianscott I will likely not get to those words for a few more days, but they will get done.

*Trying very hard to remember desktop is an inanimate object and not at fault for not being a laptop*

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