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Face Memory Test

This is a basic memory test study, related to sleep---how much, how little.
My husband who can rarely remember where anything is, scored 100% in both parts!!!
I couldn't see a code to copy it exactly, so had to cut and paste. Enjoy!!

Face Memory Test ResultsYour Score
Recognition score
( if you saw it )

Your score: 100%

Average score: 92%

This is a measure of your ability to remember the photos you've seen, regardless of the part in which you saw them. From all 24 photos shown in Parts 1 & 2, you recognised: 24 photo(s). Temporal memory score
( when you saw it )

Your score: 83%

Average score: 68%

This is a measure of how often you recognised a photo and matched it to the correct part, instead of just remembering which ones you'd seen. From all the photos you recognised, you matched: 20 photo(s) to the correct part
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