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Merry Christmas

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I wish everyone who is celebrating, a really great Christmas, with lots of what you wish most for, to fill your day:)

In 1914 during the First World War, the French, Scots, and Germans, agreed to a truce along a small portion of the Western Front to celebrate Christmas. When I saw this video, I was struck by what it must have taken for these men to do this. I wish the same thing could happen today. I know it is highly unlikely, but if only...I posted this last year, but this year we seem to be in even more need of peace and love. If some in power, one in particular, have their way we are heading for not just unrest, but war with more horror. This is just my small way of saying that if these men in 1914 could do what they did surely we can do the same or even better.

The singer is Enya, and she sings Silent Night in Irish.

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