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Why Are You Not Here?

Since hearing of the sudden death of minotaurs I have been think of the times I have read a comment on an lj, wondering why someone has not been heard of for a period of time.

For those of us with no connection between our RL and our online one perhaps one such connection is necessary. Even if just an email to an online friend, or the ability to post what has happened. Just a thought

I didn't know minotaurs apart from a few inter-twinging comments. It was though very easy to see why he was so well loved. He had a lovely easy way with him and a wicked sense of humour. His "Sex Tips For Slash Writers" was a treasure, as were, I have read, the panels he was on for that subject. His Job involved "toys!" and I think the last entry to his lj says it all, "Create sizing cheat sheet for cock rings."

He was too young, to be out of the lives of those who loved him. I am sorry he is gone. The tributes being posted speak to the man and the friend. He is going to be missed by many.

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