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Watching the News

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I read and watch the news most days, but at present there is little in it to cheer about. Here in BC the fire season has started early, (150 are burning at present) and the fires are fierce especially in West Kelowna where many have been evacuated. The one good thing is we finally cooled off, and had some rain starting on Saturday. The fires are equally as bad just over the border in Washington State, and it is only July!

Internationally it seems to me that regardless of who is to blame, it is the general population who suffer. I can’t begin to think of the horror on that Malaysian flight, or in the Middle East. In Nigeria, there is the ever and present threat, especially if you are a female, of being kidnapped to live in who knows what kind of horror. The list is almost endless, in this world we live in, of where there is no expectation to live in any degree of safety or freedom.

We all see the ‘big’ news items, which render me speechless. Then we have the usual array of shootings and death. Being summer it is also the time of road crashes, so many people dead in an instant.

There is a part of me that really doesn’t want to watch or read the news these days, but I can’t do that. Yet what on earth can be done to stop it all! I guess I watch now because I feel I owe it to those who are killed, to at least know that they lived and now are dead, not sure if that makes any sense at all, but there it is.

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