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Raccoons, Cats and Birds

I have really got to start keeping my husband's camera handy! I am still deciding on what to replace my old one with and I don't actually like the one S has. That being said, as I have no idea how to post a picture from my documents, it is rather a mute point! Back to why I needed a camera!

A few days ago I posted about the birds nesting and cats and raccoons prowling. An hour ago I was in another room when I heard a noise in the kitchen. A few sounds later found me creeping round a corner, holding a piece of hardwood in my hands. ( we are going to renovate the kitchen; a nightmare in the planning!) The sight I was met with, was a raccoon foraging through my garbage can and two beautiful cats (one is a lovely cream the other dark grey) waiting outside on the sundeck!!! As I had no camera, I clapped my hands and off they went.

That is the second time I have found a raccoon in the kitchen but the first time his partners in crime were waiting outside for him!