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Bird Watch

Each spring birds arrive to build nests in the rafters under our sundeck. They build approx. fourteen to nineteen nests but only use one. Apart from sweeping up the overflow from their building activities, we leave them to it.

Once the babies arrive, we try to keep out of the way during the constant feeding process. At some point, either very late fall or early in the year, we remove the old nests and everything is ready to go in the spring. Until this year!

The fence on one side of the property is in dire need of being replaced. This is the responsibility of a town house complex next to us and will hopefully be on their agenda soon!!
Meanwhile, no matter what we do, we have visitors coming through in the form of two beautiful cats and a family of raccoons..!! The problem? for some reason this year they want to get at the nests,/p>

I dread to think, what might happen, once the babies are born. Keeping an eye on them is more time consuming than when Charlie was a puppy!

I think the birds are "Oregon Juncos"

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