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Poverty and Death

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Some weeks ago, I came across a five part series in the The New York Times called Invisible Child. The series is long, and follows a homeless child called Desani, who lives in New York. It was heart-breaking to read, and to realize there are 22,000 homeless children in New York, so much potential which may never be realized. I was at times enraged, at both the system, and her parents, then sad, as I think this type of poverty becomes a way of life for generations, and is then almost impossible to break free from. I used to tutor in the school system here, so while Desani is living in New York, I know this happens in many cities. This is a link to an interview with Andrea Elliot the journalist who came to know Desani, and her family.

In a previous post, I mentioned the great job North Shore Rescue does. On Sunday, after finishing an exercise on one of the local mountains, the leader of NSR Tim Jones, was making his way off the mountain, when he suffered a fatal heart attack, he was only fifty-seven years old. Tim Jones, not only made NSR a world class rescue unit, he was an Advanced Life Support Paramedic, and latterly, the Unit chief. He was a good man who did so much for our community, and saved many people over his years of service. He is going to be missed by many people. Tim Jones, Here and Here

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