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During the last few years the Conservative Government of our country has systematically decimated the science community which depends on the government for support and grants. When the last budget was release tucked away at the back, were some 79 (I think that is the number) cuts to science programs, all of which were providing vital information on the planet we all call home.

Why you might ask, would any sane government do this. Now I am not a scientist, but I do read, and listen. It seems to me that in his effort to push through certain pipelines, and other such projects, Stephen Harper, simply doesn’t want to hear any scientific data which may contradict his stance on a number of issues, and call into question what he is doing to our country. If he doesn’t know, he can then go forward with a “clear” conscious. This is not all about pipelines though. Other research was showing how our planet is changing, this data would also speak to the need for more changes necessary, to prevent further erosion to our ecosystem, changes, I very much doubt our government would want to make.

His excuse for these cuts and others, is always his determination to balance the budget. I’m all for curtailing unnecessary spending, but the programs he has cut were necessary. I won’t go into what he has done to Health and Education; those are topics for another post.

What he has done to the Scientific Canadian community, is not likely to be repaired for many years, if ever. Some great minds have been lost to other countries, I doubt they will return. And the work which has been lost, cannot be measured.

I was very pleased when I saw Fifth Estate had devoted an episode to this tragedy. The linked name will take you to it. I am unsure if those outside of Canada will be able to view the program, but the is an edited version in the link.

Below is a list of all the programs which have been cut. I don’t make many political posts, especially open ones, but I feel very strongly about this. I feel we have a government made up of people, hell bent on their own agenda, and nothing will stop them. They are in no way listening to what ‘we’ who elected them, want them to do. The scandals of the last year, and how they were handled, have certainly shown me, that our PM will carry on regardless, he will push through what he wants, and I see little that can stop him.

Federal programs and research facilities that have been shut down or had their funding reduced.

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