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Rmembrance Day 2013

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Over the years, I have had many thoughts when it comes to Remembrance Day, and for the most part, I think it is an important day. Those who have fought for our countries, deserve both our respect, and appreciation for what they have sacrificed, and for the service they have given.

In my post last year, I wrote about the fact some veterans were in the position where they had to fight for assistance in different areas, all of which should have been automatic. It seems to me, while some things may be better, others...not so much!

I’m not going to repeat what this Report clearly states. I will say, that while I may not always agree with the reasons why different countries are at war, I do believe, if we ask soldiers to put their lives on the line, as they have done for many years, when they return, we owe them the best care possible, in every area of their lives.

It should never be the case that those who fought and served for their country, should then have to fight for what they need to get on with those lives, it should be an automatic right. To try and find loopholes, to deny these rights, is not only shameful, it says a great deal about what is, or is not, valued by those responsible for the welfare of the men and women who serve in the forces.

Here in Canada, November 11, is a holiday, a day where there are services in numerous places. Sam and I will go to our local Cenotaph with others we know. This is just one day, an important one, but only one. It is what is done on those other 364 days, which either gives hope to our veterans or leaves them still fighting, a very different war, against those who should be on the same side.

I don’t know about other countries, but here in Canada, we need to speak out, sign the varies petitions, let these next 364 days be the ones where change takes place. On Remembrance Day 2014, let there be no more need for these men and women to still be fighting for, what in the first place, should automatically be theirs because they are men and women who have served and fought for their country.

Today’s Quote:

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers”.
Jose Narosky

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