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Goodbye to a lovely lady, Rita MacNeil.

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In 1986, Vancouver showed itself to the world in the “World Exposition” of that year. For six months the atmosphere was electric, we loved every visit, and they were countless!

There was so much to see and do, and some great concerts. One of the concerts we took the kids to, was to that of a not so well known singer called Rita MacNeil, from Cape Breton. She became known very quickly after Expo, and we saw her as often as we could in the years to come.

Rita MacNeil died suddenly on the 16th April, now known, and loved throughout Canada, and several other countries.

A little bit about this great lady:Rita_MacNeil

The video below is one of the songs she is most famous for; I couldn’t find a good recording of her singing it live. She sings with The_Men_of_The_Deeps

A few more songs.

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