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Remembrance Day.

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Recently I have read, and listened to news reports, regarding the fight some of our Veterans have to wage in order to get assistance they desperately need.

In some cases, this is as simple as prescription medications, in others it is as serious as disability pensions, and basic funeral expenses.

The reports I have read, and listened to, are from several countries. It seems to me that if a person puts their life on the fight for their fight for what that country stands for, having their needs met, especially when they have been injured in any way...should be a right...a given...not something they should have to fight endless legal battles for.

Today we wear our poppies, and go to remembrance ceremonies. I would also ask that we speak out, to those with the influence or power to make the changes necessary, so that those who made the sacrifices that were asked of them, never again find themselves in the position of having to “beg” for those things that should be theirs by right.

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