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Christmas Traditions

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I’m one of those people who love Christmas, have done for sixty-three years. I love the whole thing, not just the 25th but the twelve days so to speak, even the shopping! something I strongly dislike for the remainder of the year!

On Christmas day our three come over for breakfast, and we spend the day eating, playing games, talking, and on the phone to Scotland. The kids stay over for one or two nights. Sometimes it is just the five of us, sometimes others join us for dinner, I never really know who is coming, and that’s fine. I love all of it.

I think, in part, it is because of the way I experienced Christmas as a child. It wasn’t all about the presents, much as my brother and sister and I loved that part! it was about the other traditions we had around that time which carried on during the year. Our church helped to support a community in Africa, with families ‘adopting’ a child or a family. Much like is done today by other organizations. There were folk in need in our own area, and my mother always seemed to know who they were, and what to do about it. She wasn’t alone in doing this.

We continued that with our own kids, in much the same way, and as a family we help with some community dinners locally, and stuff like that. But it seems the need is greater with each passing year, both at home and abroad, there are just so many people without the simplest of basic needs.

Some twenty-six years ago several countries put out some songs to try and raise money, action and awareness of the great and terrible need our world has.
Canada did “Tears Are not Enough”
USA did “We Are The World”
The UK did “Do They Know it is Christmas”

At this time of the year we are filled with emotion so yes! we may give to different charities, but then comes January, life goes on, we have bills to pay etc. and so on….But you see the thing is, it also goes on for those who need our help. They still need food, clothes, shelter….everything they needed before Christmas, they still need after. I think I just wanted to say that this year. The need doesn’t diminish, it keeps growing.

I’m not going into or listing all the ways to give throughout the year, I’m sure you know those, both for your own area and abroad. There is though one small thing to help your local Food Banks. Most of our supermarkets have little tickets at the check-outs. It adds two dollars to your grocery bill, and goes to you local food bank, where as we know, they can do a lot more with that two dollars then we can. That is something which can be done all year, each time you do the family grocery shopping.

I don’t have answers as to how we can meet the needs of those in our own countries or abroad, but I do know that it will take all of us, to even start to make a difference, and not just at Christmas.

Below the cut is the updated version of “We Are The World’ done just last year.

Today’s Quote:
"Words are plentiful; deeds are precious." ~Lech Walesa

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