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iPad Questions

A question about iPads. I am thinking about buying one. Having researched as much as I can, have I got this right.

iPad 2 with just Wi-Fi… not the 3 G…does not have the ability of using a mobile broadband. If I were in the UK, I would be dependent on others Wi-Fi connection? At present if I take my laptop anywhere I can buy a mobile broadband connection to use through a USB port, but not with the iPad 2 Wi-Fi…correct?

If I buy the iPad2 Wi-Fi with 3G, I should buy it set for AT&T, which gives me a greater choice of servers abroad, who use the GSM chipset, correct? Given that I may have managed to get all of this right!!! Does it all still apply, as I am buying it in Canada, but still want the capability of using it in other countries?

Last question! I have read bits and pieces that Apple may come out with the iPad 3 in the next few months! Anyone heard more definitive rumours? If there is such a thing!.



Sep. 2nd, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
The Apple store is always so busy, I can barely hear myself asking the questions, but the idea of phoning them is a good one! Thank you.

I was thinking an iPad was a good way to see if I liked the idea of a Mac. My daughter's laptop is a Mac, and she loves it. I also thought it would be easier and lighter to take, if we ever get back to doing some travelling! Sony just released a tablet, but from what I see, it isn't as good as the iPad.