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Like most of the people who live in Vancouver, I am both outraged and deeply saddened by what happened in our city last night.

We lost a hockey game, sad, but it is not the end of the world. Every previous game in this series had folk downtown, celebrating, watching on the big screens positioned throughout the main core. The atmosphere was great.

Last night a group of young men decided, if the team lost, they were going to cause trouble, and that they did, in a big way. I was at first almost speechless, then horrified, angry and so sad.

My daughter works in that area, the business centre of the city, she was stunned this morning by the damage. She had gone early to see what needed to be done.

She wasn’t alone, people have gone downtown this morning, many who don’t work there, just to help, the businesses affected, in the clean-up. I have heard numbers of 12000, but that may not be accurate. All wanting to make it clear, that what was perpetrated by some last night, isNOT who we are in Vancouver, it is not who the Canuck fans are.

The actions of a few, and those who stood around to watch! must not take away, from the fantastic year this hockey team has worked so hard to achieve They are the top team in the NHL, they won everything except the cup, and Vancouverites have been behind them all the way. They have nothing to be ashamed of. Yes of course, losing the cup in the final game is devastating, but what happened after….that should in no way take, from what they have achieved.

As most of you on my list know, I am not a big sports fan, but this…this was done by a group of testosterone driven hooligans, and I hope the justice system throws the proverbial book at them. They have cost the city millions in dollars. But also so much more. How our city is viewed, not just by the rest of Canada, but by the world. There were over 100,000 people downtown last night, and many more in communities around the Lower Mainland. Most were peaceful folk, who wanted to support their team. This morning the number of those who caused the destruction and carnage, are far outnumbered by the people willingly clearing up. That is what our city is about, this is who we are.

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