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Story for Xanthe's fic-athon.

xanthe has a broken leg. taylorgibbs had a great idea to have a H/C fic-athon to help her pass some time.

”As you may know, xanthe suffered a broken leg today and will need surgery. Since she’ll probably be laid up for a bit, I thought we could do something to give her a bit of entertainment”

Link to the fic-athon:
There is also a post for prompts:

Hope you are home soon Xanthe, with the cats for company, and wishing you good and speedy healing.:)

My contribution is below the cut.

Title: A Painted Fox.
Author: twicet.
Fandom: X-Files.
Pairing: Skinner/Mulder.
Rating: NC17.
Warnings: BDSM with references to spanking.
Disclaimer: They are not mine, unfortunately, I’m just playing with them for a little while.
Summary: Fox uses some paint in an expressive way.

This wouldn’t have reached the posting stage without the help of the wonderful amaranthink. Who saved you from my spelling and grammar, and helped me untangle a few things!

Walter was not amused. Well, perhaps a little. His slave had been ordered to remain naked for the weekend, and while technically he had no clothes on, his skin did have a covering of sorts.

Body paint could be an attractive accessory, applied subtly and with discretion, however the vision kneeling before him had no hope of falling into that category.

From neck to waist, Fox was adorned in a yellow striped paint shirt with complementary green tie and from waist to knees, in what Walter presumed to be, green painted shorts. He has no idea how Fox had managed to get his cock in THAT position, which was interesting to say the least.

As Walter walked around his kneeling sub, he noted the paint did not extend to Fox’s back; a nice shade of red should look very good on that butt.

Walter observed his slave, he noticed that his posture was wrong. This wasn’t just a joke; there was more to this little act of defiance. "Want to tell me what is going on before I spank you?" A shake of the head greeted that question. "Answer me, Fox."

"No, Master, I don’t want to tell you anything."

"Very well, bring me the paddle."

As Fox rose slowly to fetch the requested implement, the slump of his shoulders told Walter he was missing something here, but he had no idea what, and for once Walter was unsure what was going on. He thought they were going to have a fun weekend, after a week of non-stop crisis, one after the other, where Fox had done everything he was asked to do, hence the order for him to be naked. He couldn’t let that disobedience go unanswered, no matter if it be tongue in cheek. Fox knew that.

Naked, yet not. What did that mean?

Fox returned and knelt before his Master, paddle offered up. "Fox, we have a rule about withholding; are you sure you have nothing you want to tell me? I have to admit to being confused. You don’t look like this was done for fun; in fact you look very unhappy. Please, Fox, talk to me. What am I missing here?"

There was a long pause before the words tumbled out from Fox's mouth. "You didn’t tell me, you said nothing, absolutely nothing! The others were told, everyone was! I did it all right, everything you asked me to do. Didn’t argue, didn’t take off, when I knew I could have helped more out there, than by being stuck in the office. I did it all, at the office and here at home as well, just the way you want it."

Walter looked at him. "What didn’t I tell you Fox?"


"Fox, I won’t ask you again."

"You told them all what a great job they had done, every single one of them. I heard you. I was outside the door. You told them but not me. Oh no, not me, I’m just expected to do it because I’m your slave! Then you tell me to go home, and be naked! As if after all these months I wouldn’t remember to be naked. As if I would forget I am not allowed clothes here. No ‘well done, Fox! You did good.' Nothing! So maybe I didn’t want to be naked this time, maybe I wanted you to be pleased with me – Fox - not just your slave. Maybe...I don’t was a stupid idea. I just felt left out...again," he trailed off, suddenly feeling very foolish for acting like a child who needed to be told he was a good boy, that he'd done well. But sometimes it was so very hard to just obey, not argue, not question.

Walter looked at him, amazed. How could he have been so stupid not to have told him? "Fox, I told you to get naked because I thought by saying it, you would understand we were going to play. This was to be a fun weekend for you, not just one Slave Day but the whole weekend. You have been great this week; I know we've barely been home except to catch a few hours sleep and change clothes. Some days, not even that, but you never complained, not once. I kept expecting you to take off, and go out on your own, but you didn’t. Because of your work in tracking the guy down, we saved that girl. You did that, it was your lead that got us there in time. I couldn’t have asked anything more of you and I thought you knew that."

Fox looked at his Master in complete bewilderment. "But you didn’t say anything, I didn’t understand."

"I am so sorry, Fox, I should have told you. I am so very sorry."

Fox looked contrite as he said, "And I should have asked, I know better than to assume. I should have trusted you."

Walter lifted Fox up and sat back with him on his lap. "I can’t tell you how proud I am of what you achieved this last week. I know how hard some of it was for you and that’s what this weekend was all about. A reward for your behavior as my slave."

For a moment Fox savored those words; it meant so much to hear them. Then he slumped in his Master’s arms."And now I've ruined it. I’ll never get this right."

"You’re assuming again, Fox. Ask!"

"Really? Can we still have our weekend?"

"Before I answer that, tell me why the body paint?"

Fox looked at him as he tried to work out how to explain what he had been feeling. "I’m sort of used to being naked here, it took me time to feel that. Then you ordered me to do it and I guess, on top of feeling you didn’t think I had done a good enough job, didn’t feel right somehow but I didn’t want to have clothes on either...And partly I felt like I was invisible to you this past week, that you didn’t SEE me. We had the paint from that role play last month, somehow it seemed like a good idea at the time. I wasn’t exactly naked but I didn’t have clothes on either." Walter raised an eyebrow. "I know it was a stupid idea, but either you would think it was a joke or..."

"So you made it so I HAD to notice you? That way I would make you talk and tell me what was going on, am I right Fox?"

Fox looked at him, then lowered his head."Yes Master."

"There are easier ways to do this, Fox. You do know that, right? And Fox I will always see you, all of you"

With Walter’s words, Fox felt his world start to right itself again."I know and I am sorry. A whole week of being good was likely too much for me." This said with the first hint of a smile Walter had seen since he had been home.

"Alright then, back to your question." Fox looked up hopefully and Walter smiled back at his slave. "Yes, we are going to have our weekend...right after we take care of returning you to your naked self and the little matter of the spanking you are due for rules broken"

"Should have known you wouldn’t let that one go," said Fox, not looking terribly upset at the idea.

"I wouldn’t be your Master if I did, now would I?"

"No, Master," replied Fox, as they headed to the bathroom.
And you wouldn’t be the one I want, but he kept that thought to himself.

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